General Fusion, a British Columbia-based, cutting-edge energy company, hopes its "magnetized target fusion" (MTF) system will change energy production as currently understood.

How so? MTF offers the possibility of unlimited clean energy by harnessing the identical nuclear reaction that keeps the sun burning.

In very general terms, fusion is the opposite of fission. In the former, atoms are blown apart, generating energy...period. In the latter, atoms collide, generating energy and, in turn, radiation.

Here's how MTF works, according to the General Fusion website:
  • A sphere is filled with molten lead-lithium.
  • This mixture is pumped to create a vortex which is injected with an electically charged gas called “magnetically confined plasma.”
  • Pistons surrounding the sphere drive a wave of pressure into the center of the vortex “compressing the plasma to fusion conditions.”

The founder and chief scientist of General Fusion, Michel Laberge, observes:

     …we want to make a plasma, a hot gas, with the magnetic
     field, and then crush the thing with the magnetic field, and
     because [with] the magnetic field the heat will not escape
     so fast….that will work a lot better. 

The folks at General Fusion are now developing full-scale subsystems to demonstrate proof of concept and to meet performance targets. Success will enable them to design and construct a full-scale prototype “for single pulse testing, demonstrating full net energy gain on each pulse, a world first.”

The Economist reports it will take 10+ years before fusion will commercialized. Even so, there doubters. However, with no conceptual barriers (because fusion is standard in the universe), it can be re-created on Earth.

The challenges confronting General Fusion are technological and financial. The Canadian government recently put $25M (CAN) on the table to fund the former in support of the latter.

Laberge notes:

     Humanity…needs a source of energy for the future, and
     we cannot keep on burning fossil fuels. Fusion will be
     powering humanity in the future.

If and when fusion works, all of President Obama's "investments" in green energy will be worthless. But, then, many already are, according to The Daily Signal. Solyndra and 33 other companies offered federal taxpayer support have either gone bankrupt, have laid off workers, or are headed to bankruptcy court.

Let the discussion begin…

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